Scaling your Business 7 Things to Examine Before Hiring Support Staff

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Celebrating Filipino Independence Day

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Q: How Has COVID-19 Changed Wholesaling?

on May 19, 2020 9:12:00 AM By | Jessica Sanders | 0 Comments | Insider Lead Follow Up ROI Lead Conversion
Jon Rankin from Core Properties joins me to talk about how wholesaling has changed since COVID-19.   Jon Rankin is the owner-operator at Core Properties in St. Louis and one of our top clients. He joined me today to discuss how wholesaling has changed in his business and to give us some tips and tricks that have helped them over the last several weeks since the pandemic hit. Of course, COVID-19 changed everything in the world, so those in Jon’s business knew that many things were going to have to be altered.   Feel free to follow along in the video above, or else use the timestamps below to navigate the discussion at your leisure:   0:42—Increasing our discipline 1:53—How we’re reaching out to our cash buyers 2:30—Implementing reverse wholesaling 3:39—Paying attention to the numbers and accountability 4:13—The value of having our cold calling program on your side 6:00—Why you need both good follow-up and execution skills 7:05—Wrapping up our discussion   To set up a consultation call to find out if 1000 Calls A Day would be a good fit for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you get the most out of your business.
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How many deals will I get and what affects my conversion rate?

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How are we Leveraging Continuing Education to Support our Virtual Team?

on May 8, 2020 12:34:14 PM By | Jessica Sanders | 0 Comments | Team Building Motivating Your Team Continuing Education
Today I’m joined by Jhoan, our Director of VA Services, to answer some questions about what we’re doing with our virtual assistants to prepare for this challenging time.   Given the chaotic times we’re living in, many people have been wondering how we’re supporting our virtual assistants. Today I brought in Jhoan, our Director of VA Services, to help answer this question.   First and most importantly, we have stayed consistent on doing daily team huddles and one-on-one coaching sessions. Aside from that, we also do personal VA check-ins to make sure the virtual assistants are doing okay at home and have the resources they need to thrive.   Many of our clients have been concerned about potentially lower lead counts amidst the outbreak. We have one-on-ones with each of our VAs to make sure that their numbers are still on track. In order for this to go smoothly, we make sure our VAs are comfortable sharing what they need from us. Communication is KEY! We not only recognize those who are consistently on top, but also those VAs who have shown improvement and we give those VAs a shoutout during the huddle, as well as a bonus on our peer-to-peer recognition platform, Motivosity.   As part of their business continuity plan, we verify our VAs power and internet service connection. Before they’re hired, all of our VAs have both primary and backup connections for both their power and internet service. For example, we ask if they have a generator or pocket Wi-Fi in case both of their systems go down. This helps to make sure we continue to function regardless of unforeseen challenges.   Lastly, we create a supportive environment where we listen to our VA’s concerns, give assistance when needed, and most of all, provide emotional support. We also encourage positive thinking and cultivate teamwork; after all, teamwork makes the dream work, and our business would not be possible without all of our cold callers who are out there right now on the front lines calling motivated sellers who need to sell their homes soon and who are and taking the brunt of all those tough conversations.   To set up a consultation with 1000 Calls a Day and see if we’re a good fit for your business, reach out to us via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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Applying Valuable Lessons from the Financial World

on Apr 16, 2020 3:55:15 PM By | Jessica Sanders | 0 Comments |
Ricky Pok, owner of Wabi-Sabi Realty Group, has plenty of prior experience working in the mortgage industry. Today he’s sharing his insights on the state of the financial world.
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Your Business Can Still Thrive During the Pandemic

on Apr 6, 2020 1:40:47 PM By | Jessica Sanders | 0 Comments |
  Right now, people aren’t sure where the market is headed, which has many worried. However, many of our top clients are using this time to identify and double down on what strategies are working for their businesses.   If you want to thrive and grow in this market, you need to be able to address the negatives. Don’t be afraid to look at your KPIs and make decisions based on that. It’s all about positioning yourself strategically for when the market is ready to move again.    Businesses across the nation are taking this time to call their databases, including any dead leads. For example, if you thought you were off on a home’s price before, you might be in a different situation right now. Nationwide consumer motivation has skyrocketed, and it’s crucial to nurture those relationships.   In this uncertain time, your message is everything. People are worried and don’t know what’s happening, but they might still need to buy or sell. By just checking in with them to see how they’re doing, whether they have everything they need, and if there’s anything you can do for them, you can show the strength of your brand.   This is also a great time to hire a virtual assistant to cold call, someone to nurture your leads, or even a non-virtual assistant who can help with your administrative tasks.   Also, take this time to pull a new list. We have several great lists right now that are performing excellently. For example, on one of our vacant lists that we recently pulled, we were able to bring in 30 leads in around 48 hours. It’s simply the perfect time to get in touch with people. If you’re a fix-and-flipper or cash buyer who would like to join our buyer’s lists, click here to receive more information about possible listings.   Here’s the ultimate takeaway: Don’t back down from the negatives; look for the opportunities.   If you need help calling through your database or implementing any of these strategies, let us know. We’d love to speak with you more about how we can help you grow your business.
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What You Need to Know To Crush Your Open Houses

on Apr 6, 2020 1:34:00 PM By | Jessica Sanders | 0 Comments |
Today I wanted to share a recent interview I did with Dan McDevitt, a real estate agent in the Baltimore area with 14 years under his belt. He’s also a client of 1,000 Calls a Day who will discuss with me the four main steps to have a successful open house. Among other insider tips, Dan talks about incorporating buyer's agents, spending money on Facebook ads, and how to nab solid leads. Follow along in the video above to see our full conversation. For your convenience, I’ve provided timestamps so you can skip ahead to various sections: 1:05: Dan’s journey in the real estate profession after starting out doing short sales and dealing with the 2008 financial crisis personally. 5:00: Hiring an assistant re-energizes Dan’s professional outlook and allows him to start prospecting again. 5:39: Dan explains his personal testimony of the phrase, “riches are in the niches.” 7:50: Dan shares who his team members are and what they each bring to the table. 11:00: Dan learns from top Arizona real estate agent Josh Smith about the merit of mega open houses; thanks to apps, people’s shopping habits have drastically changed. 12:20: How to connect with today’s tech savvy, well-informed and confident clients. 13:00: When to drop the open house listing for those who plan to shop on the weekends. 15:00: Dan divulges his average spending on Facebook ads for open houses. 17:00: Dan shares an anecdote about how he eventually won over a seller who had once been determined to sell without an agent. 18:30: Dan explains how letting his buyer's agents handle the open houses was difficult at first, but proved to be a great move in the end. If you have any questions for Dan about how to have a successful open house, you can give him a call at (410) 914-7162 or email him at As always, if you have any other questions for us, feel free to call or email us as well. We’d love to help you.
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What Type of Conversion Rate Can You Expect With Different Data?

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What Type of Outbound Prospecting Can We Do for You

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