How many deals will I get and what affects my conversion rate?

Posted by Jessica Sanders | May 14, 2020 11:40:14 PM



The most asked question that prospective clients ask us during their initial consultation call or during onboarding is “How many deals can I expect and what factors will affect my ROl?”

Before I get into the several intersecting factors that determine a client’s ROI, I want to define how we maximize productivity without sacrificing compliance by using the best dialing platform available. Five9 is recognized as the premier dialing platform for call centers. We have a power/predictive dialer specifically for landlines, and a completely separate domain for our TCPA compliant manual dialer to call wireless records. The power/predictive dialer makes more dials in a day than the manual domain, so using these tools in a balanced way consistently gives the best results. All the stats below are an average of both dialers combined.

There are TWO basic things every cold calling campaign needs to maximize productivity and ROI. Data is the first component to a strong outbound campaign. Results will vary based on the type of list we’re calling (motivated vs. distressed), and balancing these lists is a key part of managing a calling campaign. If we aren’t calling the RIGHT people at the RIGHT phone numbers it won’t matter if we make 100,000 calls a day. If you need some recommendations on the best data vendors to work with, or the best lists to pull I’ll be happy to share which lists our clients are seeing the most success with now.

Are you ready to learn the single secret that will decide whether you'll see a 2x or 10x ROI with your lead gen. campaigns? It’s the core principle for every successful sales system I’ve ever seen, and all of our most successful clients agree that consistent follow-up... Follow-Up, FOLLOW-UP! (for the guys on the back row) Our most successful clients have a robust and aggressive follow-up system that is designed to get all your market qualified leads evaluated and sales qualified by a member of your team. Then the system is designed to nurture them along the sales process with education and items of value until they are ready for an appointment. Depending on your industry this process can take as little as 30 days or as much as 18 months to nurture a lead from a cold reach out to a deal.

Now let’s go over what you can expect to see with a cold call campaign as a 1000CAD client.

As a rule, we expect to make between 400-700 dials a day. Out of those dials, we expect 30+ contacts (live person, not necessarily the "Right" person) a day. We also expect a minimum of 30 leads a month, but with a tenured VA, this is closer to 40-50 leads/month on average that will be assigned to you and your team.

It’s worth repeating that your realized ROI will be dependent on getting back in touch with leads ASAP. In fact, the best practice is having your assistant transfer the call to your lead manager while it’s still warm. If that’s not possible follow up with an email, call, and text within 5-30 minutes to thank them for talking with your assistant, verify the information we received is correct, and potentially to begin discovery all while building rapport.

If you follow our recommendations above, we expect a minimum of 1 appointment a week. (A few of our clients do 5+ appointments a week). Once your pipeline of leads is built over a 3 to 6 month period and is being nurtured consistently most clients see 1-2 deals a month just from calling campaigns with one caller.

We have a passion for creating and perfecting data driven solutions and systems for our clients. If you have any questions about what we do, or want to learn more about how you can leverage 1000 Calls A Day for your business, set up a consultation call today.







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Written by Jessica Sanders

Jessica is the founder and CEO of 1000 Calls A Day. For almost a decade Jess has dedicated herself to her daughter and creating a fun, challenging work environment for others that wish to spend more time with their families through working at home.