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We hire, train and manage your virtual assistant to identify new and unconverted business opportunities.


We offer done-for-you calling of your database or cold list, up to 1,000 attempts a day, to identify new, missed or unconverted opportunities for your sales team. You'll enjoy a dedicated calling assistant who is properly hired, trained, and lead so there's no work required of you to oversee your calling assistant.

We do all the calling work for you. The calling program includes 40 hours a week of calling by a trained agent, professional call center dialing software(when applicable), call monitoring/whisper/barge, premium speed internet, a computer, a noise reduction headset and backup internet service in case of disruption.  Management includes daily group huddle, weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, 8 hours of daily supervision, daily script and role play practice, team building exercises, "gamification", daily sales reports, and instant notification of leads generated with live transfer option to your sales team.

We make 100% DNC and TCPA compliant phone calls. All client provided phone numbers are scrubbed against national and state DNC lists. Cell numbers are also called on a regular phone line (not using automated dialer technology) to comply with new national laws.


Why hire 1000 Calls A Day vs. hiring your own in-house VA directly?

Many of our clients have tried to hire in-house ISA’s or directly hire VA’s that are virtual. This is an extremely time consuming, frustrating, and tedious process that is not the best use of your time. Let us take this off of your plate once and for all!



Is 1000 Calls A Day the right company for you?

We are a great solution for experienced real estate teams, investors, and several other types of businesses. We offer a great solution to the business owner who has hired ISA’s and OSA’s in the past and is sick and tired of managing this process. If this is you, we can offer you a great solution that saves you time and money.

However, our program is usually not a great fit for single agents and smaller businesses who have never hired ISA’s and OSA’s. Here is a video that explains who we can help and how you can achieve a great ROI with our service!



We have the most comprehensive recruiting, testing, hiring, and training process in the industry and we can save you and your staff well over 200 hours!

As a business owner, we understand that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find talent, investing hours of your valuable time into training them, and then seeing that talent not perform, or quit. We take this entire risk completely off of your shoulders and we insure the callers performance!




We advise you on how and where to purchase the best data, in order to get more leads and a better ROI!

Purchasing great data is very confusing and it is one of the most overlooked pieces of creating a successful outbound calling campaign. We have tested the data from many of the top data providers and we can save you a significant amount of time and money!

Here is a Google Doc with some of our best practices. Click Here For Best Practices






We set your caller up on Five9, a professional call center software, in order to get the best results and have access to advanced tracking and reporting.

Professional call center software increases the number of people that we are able to speak to on a daily basis, allows us to stay fully compliant with regulators, and allows us to track and monitor advanced metrics on a daily basis. These features will significantly increase your ROI over time.

We set everything up, import your contacts, create scripts, and manage the entire process in order to run all of your outbound calling campaigns.

We handle all of the work in running your outbound calling campaigns! Most of our clients have us run three to five different types of campaigns depending on if they are a realtor, investor, or in another profession. We run all different types of campaigns and we carefully track the results of each one on an individual basis!

We call cold traffic and different contact lists (that you provide) to find people who are interested in working with you.

We call many different types of contact lists and we look for people who want to work with you. We then pre-qualify these people, gather information on them, set-up a time for you to call them back, and then we pass the lead back to you to set an appointment or to place them into the proper nurture campaign. On average we generate 40-50 market qualified leads per month and send them to you in real time on a daily basis.

You immediately call the lead to set-up your engagement appointment, and put them into the proper nurture campaign in order to convert them into a customer.

Before you hire us, it is very important that you have a great lead follow-up system in place. You must immediately and aggressively communicate with every lead that we send you, put them into an automated drip sequence, and have systems and processes in place to stay “top of mind”. Then continue to nurture these leads until they become customers.





We run and interpret extremely detailed analytic reports that allow us to make adjustments and improvements to each one of your individual campaigns.

We track, monitor, and manage all of your campaigns on a daily basis. We are able to keep detailed analytics on your callers performance, the quality of your data, and exactly where your leads are coming from. We present these reports to you, every week, on a video conference call. We then go and execute all of the necessary adjustments in order to improve your campaign performance and get more leads.





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