Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1000 Calls A Day do?

We are your full service outbound calling resource! We take this tedious, time consuming, and frustrating process completely off your plate and handle 100% of the details to execute a successful outbound calling campaign to grow your business.

We recruit, rigorously test, hire, train, manage, and mentor top outbound calling talent from the Philippines. Each VA caller is exclusively trained for only one account, and they are trained to be able to speak as if they are actually in your office.

On an ongoing daily basis, we then track, manage, measure, and record your outbound calling campaigns. This allows us to report back to you on a weekly phone call with all of the important analytics that are tracked on a daily basis.

We send you pre-qualified leads on a daily basis, carefully track everything, and report the results to you and your team on a weekly phone call.

We do all of the work! We manage your VA caller, we monitor the campaigns, make adjustments to the campaigns in order to improve results, and pass qualified leads directly to you on a daily basis.

What does it cost to hire 1000 Calls A Day?

There is a $1,995.00 set-up fee and the total monthly costs are approximately $1,850.00. In addition to these fees, you are also responsible to provide your own data (contacts or prospects) for us to call on your behalf. We do not sell or provide data, so there will be some additional fees for data purchases.

What is included for the set-up fee?

Our process is extremely front loaded and we spend a significant amount of time and money to recruit, test, train, and hire high quality VA callers with 3-5 years of calling experience. This fee pays for our extremely detailed recruiting and hiring process and allows us to deliver you an experienced and trained VA caller that is ready to work for you full-time. Please see the next question for more details on this exact process.

What is the testing and training process for new VA callers?

Our testing and training process is absolutely one of our competitive advantages. It would be extremely difficult for you to replicate our process, and this one of the many reasons that our client’s hire us. 

A prospective caller must meet our initial criteria to be considered: This includes, but it not limited to, 3-5 years of calling experience, excellent conversational English language skills, and references that rave .
  1.  If the prospective caller meets our initial criteria, then they are invited to take our initial testing to qualify 
  2. Once the prospective caller passes the initial training, then they are invited into our two week intensive training. This is a full-time two week full-time job where they receive additional training on real estate related language, outbound calling, overcoming objections, our scripts, our technology, our tools, and much more. They must pass a test at the end of this training before they can be considered for a calling position for one of our client's.
  3.  If they pass all of the previous steps, we then place the VA caller on full-time live outbound calls for two weeks and closely monitor their results to make sure that they meet our expectations and can be placed for a client.

This entire process can take 4-6 weeks before your VA Caller is calling for you full-time.

What is included for the monthly fee?

Your monthly fee gets you access to a full-time VA caller and a full-service support team with expertise on creating and managing outbound calling campaigns. Here is what is included:
  • 1. A full-time VA caller(40 hours per week) that is exclusively for you and your business.
  • 2. Ongoing weekly training for your VA caller
  • 3. Daily supervision and management for your VA caller
  • 4. Daily analytics tracking of every call that is made
  • 5. 3-5 different outbound calling campaigns of your choice
  • 6. Weekly reporting back to you on the exact performance and analytics of all of your campaigns
  • 7. Management, scripting, and performance based adjustments to your campaigns
  • 8. Professional call center software set-up and ongoing management

As you can see, you are getting a full-time caller, but you are also getting a full team of experts to execute and manage the entire process and take it completely off your plate.

How many leads per month can I expect from hiring 1000 Calls A Day?

Within 90 days of full-time calling, you can expect to receive 40-50 pre-qualified leads per month per VA caller. These leads will come from multiple campaigns and will be sent to you on a daily basis by email. It may initially take up to 90 days to “ramp up” and achieve a consistent flow of 40-50 leads per month. In the first 90 days, it is realistic to expect about 30 leads per month.

Are there any additional fees that I should be aware of?

The main additional fee is the purchase of data. You own all of the contacts that the VA callers will be calling, and you are responsible to provide this data. The only other additional fee is to set up your outbound caller ID’s.

We will rotate the caller ID number that your outbound calls are coming from. We require 10 outbound caller ID’s and the ​up-front cost is $45.00/month. We use CallRail  This payment can be billed to your credit card that is on file.

What caller ID or phone number will the prospects see as my VA caller is calling them?

You will be able to purchase caller ID’s or phone number with your area code or within the area code that you are calling. We advise that you purchase at least ten of these numbers so we can constantly rotate the number that appears on the prospect’s caller ID.

We require 10 outbound caller ID’s and the ​up-front cost is $45.00/month. We use CallRail  This payment can be billed to your credit card that is on file.

How many calls per day can your VA Callers make?

We see the best results when our callers are making 450 to 750 calls per day. At this rate we have a solid contact rate and a low call drop rate.

How many people do you actually talk to on a daily basis?

On average we actually speak to about 5% of the people that we call. This comes out to be about 25-40 people per day.

What time of day does the VA caller typically work?

The VA callers generally work from 10am to 7pm within your time zone. Additionally, the VA callers work on Tuesday through Saturday. They take off on Sunday and Monday.

What do I need to do in order to create great results with 1000 Calls A Day?

It is our goal to take the outbound calling process completely off of your plate and offer you a very leveraged and scalable system to generate leads for your business. We do all of the work on a daily basis, but there are two very important factors that set our top clients apart and help them achieve a better ROI:

  •  You must have an existing lead nurture campaign in place. This does not have to be extremely detailed or sophisticated, but it must be automated and in place. Once we pass you a lead, you must follow-up with them and keep top of mind awareness.
  •  You must be willing to purchase good data from a data company. We can help advise you on this process and refer you to companies that we have confidence in.
  • Make sure to attend weekly meeting with your success coach- this is required and within our contract for best results

Is there a contract?

Yes, there is a six month contract and commitment. We advise clients to only hire us if they are able to plan and budget for a full twelve months of service. Outbound calling is a long-term play and it takes time to get your ROI, but most clients continue to see an increased ROI year after year due to the large number of nurture opportunities that we help create.

Are you a U.S. based company?

We are a U.S. based company and our Executive Staff is located in the U.S. However, our VA callers, Supervisors, and Managers are located in the Philippines.

Why are your callers located in the Philippines?

The Philippines is the largest hub of English speaking outbound calling in the world. There is an abundance of outbound calling talent for an extremely competitive price that can not be matched in the U.S. The majority of our callers are college graduates, they grew up speaking English in school, and they have 3-5 years of calling experience before we hire them.

Where do you find your VA callers?

We spend a significant amount of money on recruiting and we have a full-time recruiting staff that looks at 200-400 prospective resumes per day. If prospective VA callers meet our initial criteria, we then put them through rigorous testing and training process before they are eligible to be hired for a client.

Why should I hire 1000 Calls A Day vs. Hiring A VA Caller directly?

We are not the cheapest option in the industry, and our ideal client is an experienced real estate team (or similar industry) with an existing marketing budget. We are your one stop shop to completely take the entire outbound calling process off of your plate. We do it all!

We save you time, we do all of the work, we manage the processes, we set up the technology, we supervise the VA caller, we advise you on what campaigns to run, we monitor all of your campaigns for optimal results, we create the scripts for each campaign, we track the results of each campaign, we help you stay FTC compliant, and we report back to you on a weekly basis with the exact results of all of your campaigns.

We give you access to a full-time outbound VA caller plus an entire team of people who are working for you to manage your entire outbound calling campaign to achieve optimal results.

We are able to offer all of this for a very competitive price and our system only requires about 30 minutes of your time each week, as we schedule a weekly call with you to report our results and how many leads we have sent you.

How long does it take before my caller starts full-time?

It can take up to 4-6 weeks to recruit, hire, test, and train your VA Caller. We can occasionally make an exception and hire a VA Caller more quickly, but 4-6 weeks is our standard time frame. Please remember that your caller is hand picked and trained exclusively for your account.

Do you offer a part time calling option?

We do not offer any part time VA callers. We only offer full-time 40 hours per week. However, you may split the caller's time with a business partner, colleague, or another professional in your same market. If the caller splits time, both client’s must be in the same time zone and the same city. This allows for the caller to be trained on one market and keep a consistent daily schedule. Additionally, we can invoice both of you for your half of the services.

Do your VA’s handle administrative tasks and other tasks besides outbound calling?

Yes! Our VA’s are very specialized in outbound calling.  We do offer other non verbal VA services including but not limited to administrative tasks and appointment setting.

How does the VA caller pass on leads to me and my team?

All leads are qualified and their information is entered into a web form or parsed email through our professional calling software. As soon as the VA caller ends the call with the prospect, the prospect’s information is emailed directly to you in real time or you have the option of a warm lead transfer. Once received, you and your staff can take the appropriate action to call the lead, re-qualify, and begin the appropriate nurture campaign or sequence.

Do your VA’s input leads into my CRM?

Most of our client’s do not have the VA Caller enter the lead into their CRM. This disrupts the calling flow of the caller, lowers the number of dials per day, and allows for potential human input error.

There are integration options with many CRM’s and our calling software. Additionally, most clients like the extra “checks and balances” that are allowed by receiving an email in real time and assigning a team member to call all of these leads and put them into the proper automated nurture sequence.

Where do I get the list of prospects that the VA is calling?

We advise all of our clients to consult with a data company and purchase high quality data.

Data can also be referred to as a prospect list or a contact list. 

Our clients have had very good results using predictive analytics to purchase large lists of prospective clients that we systematically cold call. You can also use any existing lists that you currently own or have access to.

Who pays for the data or contact list?

You are completely responsible for supplying all lists of contacts for us to call.

We can also help with data and list appending.There are many data sources out there and we can advise you on the best options,but this much be purchased by you.

We have seen great results with Propstream-we can identify and append your list for .10/record.

How many contacts do I need on my contact list?

We advise that you have at least 25,000 people on your list. This can be made up of the data that you purchase and any other lists that you already own.

How long will 25,000 contacts last and will I need to purchase more?

A traditional cold calling campaign with 25,000 contacts should last about four to six months. You should budget to purchase a new list up to three times per year, or purchase a larger list once per year. Most data companies have a price break for purchasing a larger number of contacts. You may be able to purchase less data if you already have a large database, access to other lists, or you plan to run more targeted campaigns that are not to cold traffic. We will update you on your weekly coaching call and let you know the status of your data and inform you when a new data purchase or injection is needed.

What type of calls can the VA make?

We can make nearly any type of call that you want us to make. If you own a list (or can purchase a list), we can call them. As long as there is a list and an appropriate script for that list, we can create a campaign and call them.

What happens if the VA quits?

If the VA caller quits, we will hire another caller to replace them as soon as possible. As an existing client, you will move to the “front of the line” and have immediate access to any new callers who pass out of our detailed training program. There is not a 4-6 week wait period, you do not pay another set-up fee, and you do not pay any labor fees until your new VA caller begins working. We do our best to hire good long-term callers in the beginning and avoid hiring callers who are not serious about working long-term.

What is classified as a lead?

A lead is someone who confirms that they are interested in speaking to you, gives us their motivation, time frame, and their contact information. For our real estate clients, we would capture the following information:

1. They confirm that they want to sell their home
2. They give us their desired listing-sale price
3. They confirm their address and that they are the owner of the home
4. They tell us their time frame- 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.
5. They tell us the condition of the home- recent updates and/or work that needs to be completed
6. They give us their best phone number and email
7. They give us the best time for you to call them back to speak further

How do I receive a lead?

We recommend a warm transfer option so you can speak with the lead in real time. If this is declined similar to other lead sources, you will receive an email notifying you of the lead. This email will arrive in real time as soon as the VA caller has identified a lead

What is my expected ROI when hiring 1000 Calls A Day?

Unfortunately, our client’s are not required to report their income or ROI back to us. We are required to report all of our daily numbers and results to you, but you do not have to report back to us. We suggest that you reverse engineer the income potential that you could achieve from receiving an average of 40 pre-qualified leads per month. What is your current closing ratio and what is your current commission per deal? Run these numbers to determine the potential ROI of our service and your business.

What is the competitive advantage of 1000 Calls A Day and what sets your company apart from other competitors?

The main differentiation is that you have access to an entire team of people and not just a VA caller. Our team offers supervision, management, ongoing VA training, detailed analytics, campaign monitoring, making campaign adjustments, and a weekly coaching call with you or your team. There are many places that you can hire an inexpensive VA, but there are very few places where you can gain access to a highly qualified team of specialists who can completely run all of your outbound calling campaigns.

What do our VA's sound like?

The vast majority of our VA’s grow up speaking English in school. Here is a video that allows you to meet a few of our VA’s and listen to how well they speak.

Do your VA's set the appointments for clients?

Our callers do not set the appointment they focus on starting the conversation with homeowners, identify the motivation and timeline, and pass on their information to you in real time. Your lead manager would then be responsible to call them, set the appointment, and enter them into the proper nurture (follow-up) marketing campaign.

We do offer an ISA lead manager for an additional cost.  

What phone system do you use?

We  use a professional call center software that is called Five9. This system is compliant, offers very advanced reporting, and has allowed us to get better results than using other popular dialers and software.

Can we work with clients in Canada?

Yes, we can work with English speaking areas of Canada. There are slightly different regulations that we must abide by and it is a little more difficult to obtain data. Additionally, there are a few additional expenses with respect to phone number caller ID’s and talk time. The total extra cost is usually in the $150-$200 per month range for clients in Canada.

Can we work with clients outside of US and Canada?

We can work with clients in any English speaking country that is outside of the US and Canada. Depending on your market and the regulation, there may be a few additional expenses.

Do you offer VA Callers who speak any languages besides English?

Not at this time. We are looking at Spanish and French speaking VA’s but we do not currently offer this service. In addition to finding the VA callers who speak these languages, we also need to hire supervisors and managers who would monitor these callers. This makes the overall process a bit slower as we enter additional markets.

What industries can we work with?

Currently our highest client count is with real estate teams and real estate investors.

Other Industries:

  • Mortgage 
  • Insurance agents
  • Recruiters
  • Financial advisors
  • Real Estate Coaches

We can work in any industry that has the ability to purchase a list of prospects and put together a basic sales script. 



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