How Do We Help You Track ROI?

How do we help you track your ROI? We created two lead trackers. They’re sophisticated spreadsheets we share through Google Docs to track everything, including the call date, the campaign it came from, and details from the call.

Our basic lead tracker tracks all the essential information. It tracks whether or not the lead scheduled a phone or listing appointment with you, how many attempts you made, what the eventual sales price of the home was, and what your actual ROI is based off that. Each one of these spreadsheets has all the formulas built into the spreadsheet so you can just plug in the data and have the math calculated for you.

"Each one of these spreadsheets has all the formulas built in."

We’ve been building this track over the last two years. It has multiple pages and each type of lead has their own section. Each quarter has its own area, so we don’t lose anybody in the shuffle. There’s also a section in there with the “two best leads.” These are leads that we didn’t convert for an appointment, but we feel if they had someone with a higher sales skill level, they could be converted easily. There’s a lot of information, so we usually start people off with the basic tracker and add as we go.

It’s important each client enters their notes in the tracker and follows through with due diligence by following up. Once we pass a lead over, it’s out of our hands as to whether the lead converts. These lead trackers will keep track of all the attempts and the formulas are already in there for you.

If you have any questions for me, or want to learn more about our system, give me a call or send me an email. You can also visit our website. I look forward to hearing from you!