How Mark Martin had a 5X Return on Investment

"I was referred to them by Frank Klesitz with Vyral Marketing. We were looking for a solution to generating seller leads through expired [listings] and neighborhood calls and such. We'd been looking at the model for a long time. We liked the idea of having a manager in place training the person. So we are now 13 months into it. We've generated about 750 seller leads in our pipeline. We've got roughly a 5X return on investment from the dollars we've spent on it. It's just been really good. The caller checks in every morning, and when she's done. We have the numbers everyday. We do everything through Google chat, so there's instant communication and feedback. We're not left wondering what's going on. I coach agents across the country, and based on what I see, a lot of the ISAs don't have someone like Jessica who is monitoring them, training them, listening in, whispering in when there's opportunities to close. She's always there on top of it. I don't have to train them. I don't have to coach them, or hold them accountable. Jessica does it."

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