How Can We Help You Reach Solid Leads Without Getting into Trouble?

Today, I want to discuss the legality of using automatic dialers and predictive dialers on your calling campaigns.These tips should help you avoid any legal issues with your outbound prospecting.

Basically, the rules are very simple. You cannot dial cell phones using an automatic dialer - you need to manually call those phones. The only exception is if the person you're calling is registered on your website and  has opted in to allow you to call their cell phone and send them texts. There is very specific opt-in language, which you can find on my website (it was provided to me by my attorney).

Preferably, you want to record the IP address and a screenshot if possible in order to prove what the consumer saw when they registered on your site. Other than that, you want to make sure you scrub the "do not call" list. We can help with that, as we subscribe to one of the best scrubbing programs out there. We also scrub wireless numbers to ensure we don't call people we don't have permission to, as well as corded land-line numbers. Lastly, we scrub against litigators, meaning the company we work with ensures we avoid calling people who actively go out and pursue litigation against telemarketing companies.

At 1000 Calls a Day, we help you stay legal so you can prospect for your business without having to worry about getting into trouble. If you have questions for us, or if you're interested in receiving 0 dead leads, 0 cold leads, and 0 time wasted from our services, give us a call. We would love to hear from you!