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Welcome to our new 1000CallsADay.com website! My name is Jessica Sanders, a SINGLE stay at home mom in Texas. I've worked virtually for the past few years following up with leads - and generating them - for a small marketing firm based in Nebraska. I worked primarily calling real estate agents to offer marketing services, and you know what the #1 problem was of our clients and prospects? Not enough time to follow up with all the leads generated in the first place, or following up with all the people in your database to ask for referrals BEFORE spending money on lead-generation! So, I left on great terms and started this new company - 1000CallsADay.com - to solve this problem.

The premise is simple - give me all your leads, customers, past clients, and sphere - and those of your team. Myself with the help of the team I've assembled will call them with powerful scripts and identify who is interested in speaking with you about what you sell. We'll even call customers to ask using Mojosells.com or Five9 Call-Center Software to triple line call your database which allows us to make up to 1,000 phone calls a day. Depending on your list, we'll speak with a few hundred people and pass over - on average - around 10 solid leads a day who request to speak with you about your services. The key is here we're calling all your unconverted leads, past clients, sphere - your database - before making outbound cold phone calls (which we can do).
for referrals. We use predictive dialers like

We call from your phone number or the number of your team member who holds the relationship with the contact. We introduce ourselves as your calling assistant, offer them an item of value (like a free report) and then ask if they know anyone - or if they themselves - have the problem that you solve. The scripts are simple, but custom tailored to your market and needs. We'll go over that in the set up process should we work together and I'll share what's working for our clients.

I'll be your sales manager, since I'll be the one recruiting, hiring, and training your prospector / calling assistant. You'll get daily reports of all attempts and contacts made, as well as leads generated. All you have to do is "write the check" - we'll provide the computers, phone systems, set up, training, coaching, call monitoring, script and role play practice, weekly meetings, morning huddles, and everything else that's necessary to lead a "world-class" lead development calling team.

The bottom line is you get a list of people who want to speak with you daily so you can call them back and make an appointment.

I want to work primarily with real estate agents with large databases to call to start. Jeff Cohn, the #1 real estate agent in Nebraska (he just closed over 50 homes last MONTH), is a client and seeing incredible results. He's helping me as a consultant since he's a top real estate agent and knows exactly what the prospectors should say when it comes to scripting. I've also retained Frank Klesitz

with Vyral Marketing - the firm where I used to work - as an advisor to help me with the marketing to compliment the phone calls for better lead conversion.
Now I'm not doing this on my own.

How much does this all cost? I can deliver 40 hours a week of phone calls - that's 5,000 calls a week, or 20,000 calls a month for $2,650 a month. That includes the costs of the compensation, the predictive dialer, phone system, high speed internet, the computer, headset, desk, office space, payroll tax, legal compliance, daily huddles, daily reports, weekly coaching sessions, and my full time (8 hours a day) of supervision where I monitor the calls live for quality assurance. You also get plenty of service from me, again, your sales manager. I think this is a steal - a fully trained calling assistant for $31,800 a year without any overhead or management in your part who you can "fire/cancel/release" anytime if the results are not there. That's why I started this company!

Eric Allen
Telemarketing Attorney
And what about the DNC laws? That's a complex answer so we retained America's #1 expert when it comes to telemarketing law.We can be aggressive or as compliant as you like with the phone calls since liability is ultimately on your shoulders if there's a complaint. We can provide DNC scrubbing of your database, and we can remove all wireless phone numbers so we do not call them on a predictive dialer which is illegal as of last year (we'll call the wireless numbers on a normal landline instead). We'll also remove any phone numbers of people who have a history of litigating telemarketers. Yes, they sell lists like that and we purchased them.

We ask for a 3 month contract should you hire us as your calling assistant. After that it's month to month. We've partnered with MyOutDesk, a virtual assistant staffing company, to professionally source our prospectors in the Philippines (which is why we can offer the calling at such a low amount).

So I invite you to send me an email and tell me about your business. Is this your first time working with a prospector, or have you before? What worked and what did not work? I'll take you behind the scenes of the live calls and let you listen in to what's working right now for your peers. You're also invited to join us for our morning huddles on Google Hangout. I'm tracking all the stats when it comes to your money invested, contacts made, leads generated, and deals closed so you can accurately predict your return on investment. I'll also give you a list of our clients so you can speak with them directly for references before you make a decision. I look forward to working with you and thanks for reading my entire letter!

- Jessica "The Lead Generator" Sanders